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Does anyone else feel a bit tired?

Finding peace in Bali

I'm feeling a bit tired. Does anyone else feel like that?

I don't know if its because we're into the last month of winter, or if it's because my plate is kinda full. Like yours, probably.

I write this at 10pm after class whilst eating chocolate to give myself a boost . . . and I don't even have a sweet tooth!

This week's class focus was on finding some peace in our practice. So often, we put all our effort into extending ourselves and trying to do 'better'. Yet, our practice also gives us the opportunity to find some space, some calm, some peace.

I like 90 minute classes. Shorter classes are great when you don't have much time, but that hour and a half offers more opportunity to lengthen and strengthen, then finish with a full half hour of slowing ... right ... down.

I can tell you that each and every time I have felt like I'm too tired to practice, or even teach, when I get to my mat something magical happens. My energy returns. There has not been a single time where I've felt bad after practice. Is it the same for you?

Evening classes can have more ambiance because we get to have the lights down low and burn candles. The day is over and we are able to slow it right down if we choose to.

But in both the morning and evening classes, we get to choose whether to plank from our toes or our knees; whether to take Downward Facing Dog or Child's Pose; whether to drop our knee in Side Plank or plank from our toes and lift our top leg. We can push the boat out and really challenge ourselves, or we can use modifications, along with bolsters, blocks and blankets to support and warm our bodies. We can rest.

I encourage you to use your yoga practice to fulfill whatever need it is that you have at that particular time. Whether you need challenge and fitness, or simply calm and rest. Make it your own.

I will catch you if you fall.

Yoga means union. Think of it as union of your mind, body and soul. Use your breath and drishti (gaze) to link it all together to focus your mind. Learn to notice what's happening in your mind and body, and choose to make your thought patterns positive - accepting where you're at (it changes from week to week), and persevering when you feel challenged. Or choosing to rest.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles and challenges. Instead, it takes away from your peace today. If you can't find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.


Thank goodness summer is just around the corner. Without winter, however, we would not appreciate the warmth of the sun and the long evenings nearly as much. So let's enjoy this last month of winter and know that soon, the daffodils will bloom and our days will lengthen. We are so lucky in our beautiful country to experience all the seasons. For that, I am grateful.



p.s. Wasn't Sascha a good boy this week? He was very happy lying in front of the heater, but it was made oh, so better by the treats that Sue brought for him. Spoilt dog.

Sascha at sunset

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