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Okay, I'm listening now . . .

You know what it's like, don't you? You're busy doing stuff, getting things done, meeting deadlines, planning . . . the list goes on. And then BAM!! Your body tells you to stop.

My darling son visited me on Saturday. He very kindly shared his bugs with me and now my body is telling me to stop. This time, for a change, I decided to listen.

Yesterday, instead of driving back to Whanganui to share in my husband's Father's Day, I nestled into the couch with a snuggly blanket and slept.

Today, instead of heading to Otaki for yoga, I decided to stay put, wrap up warm, and write.

Tomorrow, I hope to feel the benefits of listening to my body. As much as I know how good I feel after practicing yoga, now is not the time to do it.

Sometimes we just have to pause.

Reviews, Testimonials & Feedback

I would be very grateful if our Absolute Beginners graduates would complete this Feedback Form to enable me to develop the workshops for future students. There is a section at the end where you may like to write a testimonial for Our Yoga. It is a Google Form, so let me know if you're unable to access it.

Alternatively, you may like to write a Review on Facebook. Or both!

Classes & Venue

Thanks for all the venue leads. I've checked some of them out, plus a few others. Unfortunately, the time we like to practice is the time when everyone else wants those spaces too. So, we'll stay put at the Waikanae Rugby Clubrooms for the Thursday 7pm class (open to public), and the Wednesday 10am class (AB graduates only) will be held at Jennifer and Zoë's home as long as they are happy to share it with us. It's a great space.

Please register your attendance at these classes each week via the Booking System here. Click 'Join' for Power Yoga, select the time slot, then hit 'Next'. I'll get a notification that you're attending, and if the system works as promised, you'll get a reply email with how to pay, as well as a class reminder email.

As you know, for the Thursday 7pm class, I need at least eight students to make the class viable. So please do let me know if you're coming, because if there are insufficient numbers, we'll have to cancel.

Concession Card

These 90 minute classes are $16/casual or $140/ten trip concession card which are valid for a month and can be used for both day and night classes.

Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop . . . coming soon

Having learnt some timing lessons in our first two workshops, the next ten week Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop will begin in the first week of school term in October on Wednesday nights.

The price for the whole ten weeks is $160. Check out testimonials from prior students.



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