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Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop (10 weeks)

We have recently completed two Absolute Beginners Yoga ten week workshops with a bunch of awesome people, it is now time to prepare for the next set of workshops which will begin in the second week of October, lining up with the new school term.

Many of you contacted me prior to the last workshop to indicate your interest in registering for the next one, which is why you're receiving this newsletter.

If you'd like to try yoga but have felt it's a bit too intimidating to rock on up to a beginner's class, then this workshop style event might be right for you. Learn the basics, very safely, very slowly. You might even have fun!

Registration is required, so please contact Jeannie with the following information:

  1. Your name, address, email and phone number.

  2. Information about any injuries, illness or mobility issues.

  3. Preferred day/time for class.

Classes will be held at the most popular day/time, so be sure to state your preference.


$160 for 10 x 90 minute classes

(Early bird registration $150 if paid before 30th September)

Jeannie will send you an information sheet with everything you need to know prior to class. Mats are supplied.

What to expect . . .

Yoga Mats

Come along with no preconceived ideas . . . the classes will evolve to suit the bodies in the room, so although there is a workshop plan, it will be adapted along the way so that we are all on the same page and are moving ahead together.

There is nothing to fear. Yoga is a beautiful, inclusive practice where there is no ‘perfect’ pose. What works for you and your body is the definition of ‘perfect’ in this sense.

Expect to get ten weekly 90 minute workshop-style classes in which you will learn foundation asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), and a brief introduction to the history and philosophy underpinning the beautiful practice of yoga.

Importantly, expect to get a heightened sense of self-esteem and achievement, in a safe and supportive space, with people who are all in the same boat as you.

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, I will look forward to seeing you on your mats.




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