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Oooooh, we're nearly there!

Balance Mandala

This building lark has been a massive lesson in patience for me. Everything has taken so much longer than we imagined. But now there are just a few little boxes to tick, then we'll be good to go!

I've had a very successful pre-application meeting with the Kapiti Coast District Council. Because the Yoga Studio is part of our house, I need to have resource consent for a Home Occupation. The KCDC team I met with were very supportive of our plans. So our formal application will be submitted before the end of the month and then it's just a matter of waiting for the red tape cogs to turn.

There has been so much interest in classes over the last few months. Even the building contractors have indicated that they're keen to try yoga too.

Initial classes will be for the students who were attending last year. And then I'll offer another ten week Absolute Beginners workshop to enable new students to learn the basics and develop their practice in a safe, supportive manner. At this stage I envisage one 6pm (and possibly one 10am) Power Yoga class per week. Then we'll kick off the workshop (probably 6pm), and then a delicious Yin Yoga class one evening too.

Part of my resource consent process is to submit a parking plan. Our property is situated up a long driveway which is shared with two other neighbours. Once we've finalised the plan, I'll upload it to the website so everyone knows where to park.

The studio itself is the first room accessed from the driveway. It has it's own gate for students to use. This ensures our private residence remains that way, particularly for my husband Greg's sake. He loves me, but probably not enough to share his home with a bunch of yogis. :)

I'm very much in need of yoga myself. I have been so busy getting the house finished (and trying to work) that I've let my own practice slide somewhat. So I'll look forward to improving my own strength and flexibility as we get on our mats together soon.

Thank you all for YOUR patience during this long, drawn out process.

And happy International Yoga Day!




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