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Beat the winter blues!

Winter is dragging on a bit isn't it?

After finally moving into our home two months ago, Greg and I have found that we've gone a bit soft.

Last winter, I was living alone in a portacom on our building site, wearing three pairs of woolly socks in my gumboots, beanie, scarf, gloves, thermals under my jeans and three layers under my raincoat while [pretend] project managing our house build. This winter, however, now that we are in our lovely warm home, I am avoiding going outside and complain about the slightest drop in temperature!

So my hubby Greg has given me a push and we now head to the beach each day, rain or shine, with our dog Sascha to blow out the cobwebs and appreciate the beautiful place that is Peka Peka beach.

The moment I step onto the beach, I find myself quite naturally taking in a deep breath of fresh air. And instantly, I reap the benefit of a calmer body and mind. I stop worrying about whatever's been on my mind, watch the waves roll in, and smile as I watch our nearly nine year old dog Sascha frolic, sniff and pee on every log. The beach has the same affect on him. He becomes a puppy again.

Sometimes, it feels like the hardest thing in the world to get off the couch. But if we just stand up and do that thing we want to do, but don't feel we have the energy for, we feel amazing afterwards!

Just stand up!

Classes are underway . . .

It has been wonderful to see past students returning to their mats, and also to welcome new students, to our new home studio at Peka Peka beach.

For someone who espouses the virtues of yoga, I haven't exactly practiced what I preach in recent months. I've been feeling out of sorts, and I couldn't work out why.

It wasn't until I got back on my mat, and back to teaching, that I realised the missing ingredient in my life was my yoga practice. I felt so invigorated after the first class. All of a sudden, my spirits felt lifted and that feeling has stayed with me.

Sometimes, having a break from something we enjoy gives us the opportunity to remember why we did that 'something' in the first place.

Yoga strengthens mind, body and soul. Yoga improves mood. Yoga builds resilience.

That's why I practice yoga.

How to park a car . . .

We've got a waaaaay to go before we finish landscaping at our place. Basically, we're still living in a sandpit. The parking area only has base course down, so when you come to class it would pay not to wear your best white sneakers as they might get a bit grubby.

Please take a look at the nice picture I drew to see how best to park when you come to class. If the first person to arrive parks in spot #1, and so on, then everyone will fit in nicely. The yellow bit is our property.

If you find that there is no parking at the top, just go down the driveway (enjoy the view of Kapiti Island as you do) and park outside the garage. You'll need to walk back up the drive to enter the Yoga Room.

Please do not reverse out the driveway. There is a ditch on the side of the shared driveway and I don't own a digger to pull you out if you end up down there. A well executed 3-point turn will get you going in the right direction.

Class Levels explained . . .

I've labelled the Power Yoga classes as Level 1 and 2. But that doesn't really tell you much, does it?

Level 1 on Tuesday morning's is essentially a beginner's class. Or it might be suitable to someone who has practiced before, but struggles with mobility. We still 'flow', but in a slower way than the next level up. Also, we take more time to stop and work through new or challenging poses.

Level 2 on Thursday morning's is for students who have practiced before. They know their downward facing dog from their side plank. Those who have completed last year's Absolute Beginner's workshops will find this class suitable.

I've decided to make the Tuesday night sessions more of an Open Level class. So if you've got a bit of practice under your belt, you might like to give this class a try. The class will be adapted to suit the bodies in the room. Those with more experience will already know where they're going with poses, so newer students need not feel they are holding anyone up.

Yin Yoga on Thursday night's is open to everyone. There is no experience necessary. Nor do you have to be fit (at all!). It's an excellent way to chill out before the weekend.

Absolute Beginners ten week workshop . . .

I hope to offer this really cool workshop again next term. Depending on how the turnout is for Tuesday night's open level Power Yoga class goes, we might replace it with an AB workshop, or otherwise it will replace Tuesday morning's beginner's class. I'll see how we go this term, then decide during the break.

I'll be directed by you people, so if you're keen, please drop me a line to let me know your preference.

It's a real challenge trying to set class times to suit most people. I've gone with the 9.30am starts so enable (hopefully) parents to get their kids to school before taking some time for themselves at yoga. And the 6pm evening classes might suit locals who would rather get it 'over and done with', enabling them to head home after class and put their pj's on. Unfortunately, that early time slot probably doesn't work for commuters. Sorry!

Bring a buddy . . .

Finally, (gee whizz this is a long newsletter!) consider bringing a buddy with you to class. If you're a current student and are loving it, then why not share the experience with someone you care about? And if you're a newbie and are a bit anxious about starting something new, then why not encourage a mate to come along as moral support? Share the love, I say!

Stay warm and dry Kapiti Yogis. You can Email me if you have a question, or go to Bookings to register for a class.



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