• Jeannie Lacey

Pretty please with hundreds and thousands on top

Hi yogis

Now that we're up and running, it's time for me to start promoting Our Yoga Kapiti to the world at large! I wonder if I might enlist your help with this please?

I'm not very much inclined to blow my own trumpet, so I really need your help to get the word out about classes.

If you're so inclined, how would you feel about spending a couple of minutes to write a brief testimonial about your experience with Our Yoga Kapiti?

There are various ways you can do this. Here they are (click the links):


Some of you may only have a class or two under your belt, but I'd still appreciate your feedback.

Anyhow, I shall leave that with you.

Thanks to those of you who have already provided testimonials and reviews. Much appreciated!




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