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Summer Yoga

Summer at Peka Peka beach

Isn't this an amazing summer we are having? Greg and I head to the beach most days for a swim. Loving it!

Classes began again this week. It was very hot at last night's Power Vinyasa class. So much so that I had to go and find a fan to cool everyone down a bit. I suggest that you bring a hand towel with you to class, along with a bottle of water. It's best to make sure you're well hydrated before you come to class. Try to get some water into you about an hour before class begins, along with a light snack to keep your blood sugar up.


Absolute Beginners 10 Week Workshop

I'm converting the Level 1 Power Vinyasa class on Tuesday morning's to an Absolute Beginners 10 week Workshop on 30th January.

This workshop has proven to be a really successful way of teaching people the foundations of the practice. Those of you who have completed this course can attest to that, and many of you are continuing to practice in the Level 2 class.

I've set up a Facebook event that you may like to share with your friends (thank you in advance). Registration is directly on the website.


Thanks to all of you who are registering for class online. Did you know that you can create a Login so that you can easily book each week?

Create Login

Also, you can scroll to future weeks and book each class ahead of time. That way you will get a reminder email the day before each class. You can always cancel the booking if it turns out you can't make it. The evening classes, in particular, are becoming very popular, so if you are keen to have a regular practice I suggest you book the whole term so you don't miss out.

Scroll calendar

It's great to see the 'regulars' back on their mats this week. Welcome back!

Happy New Year everyone.



Our Yoga Kapiti 2018 Class Schedule

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