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Practice 108

Congratulations for signing up to celebrate Winter Solstice by practicing 108 Sun Salutations with me.

The countdown is on. Including today, we have 68 days to go.

I'm not the fittest person in the world. In fact, the only regular physical activity I do is practice yoga. And I got up to 63 rounds of Sun Salutations on my third practice round. I don't want to get all the way to 108 in my training. I think that might take away from the achievement on the night, so I'll probably get to 81 and then stop. If I can get that far, then I know I'll be able to do them all.

Having said that, if you truly think the full 108 is going to be out of reach for you, don't be discouraged. Some of us practice at a slower rate, and that's absolutely cool. Better to practice slower and safer, than compromise your physical self by trying to push too hard. Just enjoy it, breathe with your movements, and soak up the experience!

I'm building a playlist of background music that plays at 94 beats per minute. If you have Spotify, you can search "94 beats per minute" to come up with music of your own. Here's a link to a Spotify track that you might like to practice to. Or you can simply listen to this metronome, remembering to set the rate at 94.

I recorded the following video this morning. Naturally, I managed to set the camera at the wrong angle so my upper body is cut off when I rise up, but never mind. When I reach forward and up, I'm bringing my hands together at the top, looking up, and taking a little back bend, before bringing my hands to my heart or folding forward. Hopefully you find it helpful. If not, yell out and I'll give you some tuition at our next class. Remember we have a two week break now, with classes resuming in the first week of May.

Practicing Sun Salutations during this two week break is an excellent way to maintain your mobility, as well as develop technique in preparation for the 108.

Here's the instructional video ...

And here's a quick version of my 63 Sun Salutations this morning.

No matter how you choose to practice, whether linking each movement to one breath, or lingering in Cobra for example, there will be a way for you to practice during this special event.

Get started now, working out your own technique, and building up to a number of rounds you feel comfortable with.



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