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COVID Delta Level 2 Update

Today's update from the government, that we move to Level 2 tomorrow night, unfortunately doesn't give us the go ahead for in-person classes.

The reason is, under Delta Level 2, we need to have 2 metre spacing between each of us. Let's face it, that's a real challenge for the size of our space, but also the practical function of the class.

I don't really think it's possible for us to comply with that rule. And I'm okay with that because I take comfort that our country is doing the best it can to keep us all healthy.

So, dear yogis, it means we will be back in the yoga shala together once we hit Level 1.

In the meantime, however, we need to find a way to maintain fitness and mobility (whilst probably gaining weight!) and even more importantly, stay relatively sane.

Vimeo Videos

Some good news! Dear hubby has solved my audio challenge in relation to videos. My old phone worked well with the Rode Go Wireless system I used last year. But the new phone doesn't have the right jack. But today it was sorted!

As much as I struggle with filming myself, I figure it's a good way for me to step outside my comfort zone, and maybe get a bit of much needed routine back in my daily life.

So I will be recording, and sending you links to, videos on Vimeo to use at home.

Here's a link to my unprofessional, yet well intended videos.

Vaccination Policy

Looking ahead to Level 1, I need to decide upon a policy in relation to vaccination. I respect that each of us has the right to make a personal choice in this regard.

Personally, I have not been in any particular rush to get the jab. Not because I'm anti-vaxx, rather that I felt a sense of comfort living in our fortunate country, so figured (admittedly, quite selfishly) that I'd let citizens of other countries be the guinea pigs.

But now, I need to make my mind up. I am booked in for my first jab on 15th September, with the second one eight weeks later.

I did this for a few reasons. One is that my Dad is immunity compromised. Without vaccination, I cannot spend time with him. Another is all of you. I cannot potentially risk the health of 'my people'. And I figure the majority of the world is getting vaccinated, so we're all in the same boat. I'm not being flippant. I'm just keeping this short.

I need to know your thoughts please. This link is to a confidential survey which will assist me to form a vaccination policy that we're all happy with. It is only two questions.

My priority, aside from the obvious need to keep everyone physically safe, is to also do my best to ensure you all feel mentally and emotionally safe too.

Our yoga practice, as I'm sure many of you will agree, is an essential part of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I am so looking forward to having you all back with me in our shala, in a way that we all can feel safe and comfortable.

Hang in there folks. Look for the positives each day, no matter how small. I'm a firm believer in silver linings. For every challenge we face, there will be something good that comes of it.



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