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Getting ready to practice again . . .

We took a break from our regular weekly classes at the end of November. It's such a busy time of year. I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. Two of my kids caught the train up to Waikanae on Christmas Day and we had a lovely peaceful day together, eating too much, reading in the sun, dozing off whenever we felt like it. Perfect!

I had hoped to hold 'pop up' classes on the beach over summer . . . but, what summer?? On the few days the sun has shone (without wind), I have had a paint brush in hand. The builders and I are working as a team - they prepare to get the cedar cladding on while I paint the solid boards. It means no cutting in later, so that's a real bonus. Here's where we are at with the Yoga Room so far:

You can see that we have a way to go before it is ready to practice in. Apart from me painting, and Greg installing a heat transfer system, all work stopped for three weeks while the builders took a much needed break. The windows start arriving this week, so we will finally be closed in.

What next for Our Yoga?

In the absence of a venue, I'm reluctantly having to put classes on hold. There has been some interest from a few people in the last week or so wanting to join our classes, so its a shame I have nowhere to teach. But, they say patience is a virtue . . . so I'm trying to be virtuous.

If anyone knows of a suitable space, please let me know. I'm thinking of a clean double garage or rumpus room. Ideally, I'd rent it on an ad hoc basis, depending on the number of students registered for a class.

Home Practice

I have to admit that my home practice has been pretty lacking since November. My waistline is evidence of that! But also generally, my body is feeling the effects of the manual labour I've been doing and I know that practicing yoga would have helped with that. The biggest negative effect of no practice is how I've felt within myself. I've been feeling a little unsettled and not sleeping very well. So I know that I need to get off the couch and revitalise my home practice.

Have you noticed any changes if you've taken a break from practice? Care to share?

The Big 50

I'm half a century old now!

I know many women who struggle with the concept of being 50 years old. Not me. I relish it. I think it might be because I was partly raised by my Nana, who was a real go-getter. She was an inspirational woman and clearly benefited from the experience and maturity you gain with age.

My kids came up from Wellington and we had a lovely dinner together at Salt & Wood. Perfect!

Last weekend, three of my girlfriends from school days drove down from New Plymouth for a 50th birthday sleepover, & my lovely friend Jodi popped down from Whanganui for the afternoon.

My friend Jenny is a photographer and she took this photo on the beach. I look happy, eh? I don't think it's too Photo-Shopped as you can still see the bottle of wine sitting by the driftwood. Haha!

Get in Touch

Let me know if you would like to practice during this hiatus where we have no venue. I'd love to see you all!



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