• Jeannie Lacey

Holiday Practice

I hope the start of your festive season is going well. As promised, I have recorded a video intended for you to use as a home practice.

The video is for those of you who practice Vinyasa Flow with me at Our Yoga Kapiti. Since I'm practicing while instructing, I was limited in time (and breath!) for cues. So please do let me know if there is anything you're unsure of, or if the audio is not good enough for you to use. I can simply record an audio without the video.

As you know, I'm a terrible time keeper, so the 30 minute practice turned into 45 minutes! I also got the wobbles and lost my balance a couple of times, and got my lefts and rights mixed up more than once. So you can have a giggle when that happens.

Remember to use the modifications you've developed in your practice.

I'll also record an hour long fusion class which could be used by just about anyone. Not too strong, not too gentle. So keep an eye on your emails for when that one comes through.

Happy holidays to you all!


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