Our Yoga Kāpiti


"Jeannie is an incredible teacher. Being new to yoga, I didn't know what to expect, however she has an encouraging and non-judgmental approach that leaves you feeling confident and supported. Jeannie has a unique ability to motivate you whilst also allowing you go at a pace you are comfortable with. I would highly recommend Our Yoga to anyone."

Katie F

Waikanae Beach

"Jeannie is a wonderful yoga teacher, we all have varying body issues and she deals with us all in a calm and encouraging manner. Plus we have a lot of laughs. Her new studio is a beautiful environment in which to practice yoga, it is a pleasure to go there."

Gillian H


"I was SUPER fortunate to try a power yoga class at Our Yoga.  It's a stunning location with the sound of the waves in the background up on the hill near the beach in Peka Peka. The teacher, Jeannie, is fun and professional with lots of support as a small intimate space provides. Check it out if you haven't been. Gorgeous space to practice yoga. Highly recommend."

Lindsay C


"Jeannie's studio is brilliant, soothing and a relaxing place to work the body (and mind).  Jeannie is such a wonderful teacher, and I must say patient with me as a new 'yogi'. I am almost half way through my 10 week course and although I struggle with some of the positions, I know I have come a long way (both body and mind). Definitely recommend doing yoga at 'Our Yoga'."

Lesleigh H

Peka Peka

"Yoga is something I have always wanted to try but either never got around to it or the class times didn't work for me. Last year, I completed Jeannies' Absolute Beginners ten week workshop and loved it! She is the best teacher! We were a mixed bunch of 'yogis' in age and experience, but Jeannie helped us all individually learn the best poses and moves for our own bodies. This year, the classes are in her brand new studio in Peka Peka, and it is beautiful. We had a wee break while waiting for the studio to be built but it was well worth the wait and great to be back on the yoga mat."

Anna B

Te Horo

"Completed an Absolute Beginners Class 10 weeks - loved it! Had done yoga before but not particularly enjoyed it . . . experienced soreness afterwards . . . felt I needed to go back to basics . . . learned SO MUCH about listening to and caring for by body whilst having a fantastic work out! Am now practicing along with other Absolute Beginners graduates each week . . . feeling stronger and more confident in my movements . . . no soreness. Jeannie is a wonderful warm giving person . . . passionate about yoga and a wonderful teacher. Stop thinking about it. Just DO IT.  Your body will love you for it."

Viv W


"I can honestly say that doing the Absolute Beginners workshop with Jeannie (Our Yoga) has been the best thing I've done in a long time! Jeannie has a way of teaching that is calming, and makes you feel comfortable in the practice of yoga. I would most definitely recommend Our Yoga."

Shaanah E


"I really enjoyed this Absolute Beginners workshop. Jeannie is a great teacher. She ensured the classes were a very safe, respectful and relaxed environment. I was really nervous before I started but Jeannie made sure she catered to everyone's individual needs, their mobility and abilities and yet still challenged us to achieve more than we thought we could. She took the time to break each pose down and ensure we had really got it before we moved on which made it so much easier as the weeks continued.  I highly recommend both this workshop and any of Jeannie's classes."

Carole D


“I really enjoyed the Absolute Beginners workshop. Yoga had been on my to do list for so many years, and this was the perfect opportunity to go without feeling like I was the only one who didn't know what they were doing. I found Jeannie's style and passion suited me well, and left class feeling chuffed that I was actually doing something that I had wanted to do for so long. The only downside for me is not being able to carry on at this stage and having to find somewhere else where I feel I fit, but that is also a good challenge I guess. I would love to continue practicing with Our Yoga.”

Rachael P


“Jeannie is a fabulous yoga teacher.  Her style helps you to feel comfortable, while encouraged to succeed. I would recommend her class to anyone.”

Tina R


“Although I had some very limited experience of yoga, I have learned so much over the 10 week course.  I am confident that I can continue to practice at home, or in a next level group.  This was an excellent way to dip my toe into a yoga class and I will definitely be continuing to practice this holistic exercise in the future.” 

Thomas C


“Jeannie offers a wonderful class where all levels of fitness and capability is accepted.  She offers advice on how to safely pose specifically for you and your comfort zone. I would recommend their class. Just give it a go!” 

Trish K


“This workshop was the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of yoga. Although there is so much more to learn and grow, Jeannie was incredible in teaching the practice in a safe and calming environment. She ensured my poses were correct, which made me feel more at ease and refined my practice in doing so. Although I encountered a personal throwback mid way through the workshop, I still can take away some valuable knowledge. Thank you again.” 

Rebekah S


“Our Yoga classes were comfortable from the start, even though we were all new yogis. The casual way that Jeannie teaches and instructs/adjusts each person in the class meant that we all were eager to do as much as we could and okay to stop at a safe point for ourselves, without feeling as though we had failed...and so learning to accept ourselves and each other as we are. I would recommend these sessions to anyone that has at some time said..."Yoga? I should have a go at that".” 

Sharon B


“I was not sure if the whole yoga thing would be me, but enjoyed the challenge of each week I was able to attend, and the physical feeling of wellbeing following classes. Enjoyed the smaller morning class size attended as opposed to larger evening classes ... easier to see and concentrate on what was required.” 

Karen S


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