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Change is good . . .

Many of you know that I'm in the midst of a significant amount of change in my life at the moment.

My husband Greg and I are building our home (and yoga studio) at Peka Peka beach on the Kāpiti Coast. I'm an accountant by day and yoga teacher by night (and day). We decided it would be best for me to move here sooner rather than later so there would be less upheaval during the busiest time of my working year.

So me and Sascha, our dog, moved here four months ago with the 'plan' that Greg would join us in a month. We have a caravan that needs significant renovations before use and a lovely home in Whanganui to sell. Both needed his attention.

Well, he's still not here with us. We talk on the phone many times a day and he comes down to be with me each weekend. But it's not the same as living together. Such is life. It's not quite what we planned. The good news is, the caravan is now only a week or two away, so life will change again because I'll have my man at my side.

In the meantime, I'm living in a portacom on our building site. I have an outside (flushing) dunny and very generous neighbours who have given me access to their homes for hot showers. Bliss! I'm the kind of girl who hates camping. I'm not into roughing it. Ah well, that's changed too. Here I am, living in a giant sandpit, wearing three pairs of socks so I can fit my gumboots, thermals and baggy sweatshirts, and the obligatory rain coat. This is my new life . . . for the moment. The caravan, when it eventually arrives, will provide all the luxuries of life I hope.

I've always been a night owl, but since our awesome builders arrive at 7.30am each day, I feel compelled to set the alarm for 5.45am each morning so I can deal with the ablutions before they turn up. That's quite a shock to my system. Now I'm awake at 4.30am each day. What on earth is happening??

In reference to my life in the sandpit, I had a motorbike accident in February 2015. Landed on my right hip. And it's a bit of a problem. I've been referred to an orthapaedic surgeon in Paraparaumu and had my first appointment last week. "Take off your jeans, sock and Ugg boots" he said (I'd dressed up for the occasion). So I did and a pile of sand landed on the floor of his lovely surgery. Oops! Yep, things have changed. I'm camping. Well, to be fair, I'm glamping.

My point is, we think we know what the 'plan' is for our lives . . . but things change. And sometimes it's a bit hard to get your head around it. We get so stuck in our ways of doing and thinking that change is bad.

I've decided, however, that I'm going to embrace it. We are on an awesome adventure and only good can come of it. It will be whatever it will be and I intend to enjoy the ride.

Here are a few pics of life in the sandpit . . .

CLASS TIME CHANGE (Oh, how appropriate!)

Thursday night's Power Yoga class will be held an hour earlier at 6pm from next week onwards. This suits current students better and I'm happy to oblige. Remember to register for class each week by going to the Bookings page and select the day/time you would like to attend. Please try not to leave it until the last minute as I'll need to decide which venue we're using prior to class, and then let everyone know. Once the studio is built this will no longer be an issue. Patience, Jeannie, Patience!

Wednesday morning classes continue at 10am each week. Registration is essential.

Larger classes can be held at the Waikanae Rugby Clubrooms, but if registrations are below a certain point, we are practicing at the home of some very generous students. If any newbies would like to join us, please do contact me first so we can have a chat at least a couple of days before class.


The uptake for the Absolute Beginners ten week workshop was quite low this term. So instead, I'm offering private sessions. A one hour personalised session is $65, but if you'd like to invite a friend, the price will reduce to $55 per person.

It's a great opportunity to have a personalised class that suits your body, fitness, mobility and ability. For almost everyone, there are modifications available that will enable you to join an 'open' class.

So take a chance, MAKE A CHANGE, and contact me for a one on one Private Class to get you going.


We've had some lovely testimonials after the last Absolute Beginners ten week workshop. If you're sitting on the fence, wondering whether you should commit to a ten week course, then maybe the opinions of past students might give you a bit of insight.


In the absence of hearing anything different, I'm assuming you are happy to receive these newsletters. Please let me know if you'd rather not.

Have a wonderful weekend people!



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