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Time for an update . . .

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post.

Farewell Whanganui

After nearly six months of living alone at Peka Peka beach, our house has finally sold and my husband Greg will be coming down to join me permanently!! I'm so excited. Although I've managed fine on my own, and even learnt a thing or two about project managing a house build, I've really missed him.

We settle our house sale this coming Friday 18th, so there will be NO CLASSES this coming week as we have lots to do before then. The following week, however, we will be back on track. Thanks to you all for being so understanding while we've got through this process.

I went back last week to start packing. And I took the opportunity to get up early and listening to the birdsong. That is one thing I will miss about living in the valley.

Click the play button to have a listen.

Progress at Peka Peka Beach

We are making good progress on our house build. The walls are up, the trusses are on, and the roof will be going on in a week.

We're having a few laughs during the building process. Here are a few things that make me chuckle:

  • My official title on site is PPM (pretend project manager)

  • The Yoga Room has been affectionately named "The Yoghurt Room" by one of the builders.

  • I recently had a meeting with the owner of the framing company in which I referred to purlins as "purloins" - a bit like steak - and he didn't even crack a grin, but they've been referred to as purloins by the builders ever since . . . cheeky buggers.

They're such a great bunch of guys. We have a lot of laughter, they listen to great music, and they really support me. So I couldn't be more happy.

I'll be in touch soon, once we've got Whanganui sorted, but in the meantime, here are some Peka Peka beach progress photos.



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